F4S Rear Sprocket replacement

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I am replacing the 43T rear with a 40T (back to standard and would like to know.

1/. How difficult is it ie. should I leave it to the shop?

2/. What size socket do I need for the nut that holds the sprocket on?


-- Darryn Webster (dwebster@lexicon.net), January 21, 2004


Hello Darryn,

The size socket you need is either a 55mm or a 2 3/4 inch. The 55mm Snap-on is actually the part that MV recommends but the 2 3/4 inch will work as well. An earlier thread on this topic stated that you could put teflon tape around the nut as not to scratch the nut to bad. Remember when taking the sprocket off that its reverse thread (clockwise to loosen and counter-clockwise to tighten).

An option you might consider is going with an STM sprocket carrier and sprocket. I just bought one and it allows you to change sprockets without even having to remove the rear wheel because the outer ring sprocket is the only thing that gets changed. This also helps if you want to play with gear ratios for highway traveling or carving corners. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

-- Pete (pistonpete@hotmail.com), January 21, 2004.

Pete, Do you have info on where to obtain these sprockets, such as a web URL?

Thanks, Eric

-- Eric Osborn (rzv500r@aol.com), January 21, 2004.

Fast by Ferracci has them. Once you have the carrier the sprockets are MUCH cheaper.

-- Bill MacCracken (wbmac@yahoo.com), January 22, 2004.

Bill is right. You can order the sprocket carrier for under $200 and then the sprockets cost about $70 a piece. So the first time you buy this combination will be about $50 more than just ordering a sprocket for the MV but after that, you only have to spend $70 each time you want to replace it. Eric, I ordered mine from www.MOTOWHEELS.com.

-- Pete (pistonpete@hotmail.com), January 22, 2004.

I have the same problem,i fit many sprockets,.... and now y decide to buy a R1 2004 and forget the slow F4S

-- cuervo (cuervomendoza@hotmail.com), January 23, 2004.

hi guys, small question if have taken my sprocket carrier off to polish it, the large nut that side is normal thread not reverse,the wheel side is left hand thread torquer setting 220 Nm, the sprocket side is normal, 150 Nm,check it out pete correct me if i am wrong

regards andy

-- andy finch (afinch4267@aol.com), January 23, 2004.

That's how I see it Andy. I actually have not taken off the rear sprocket to fit the new carrier on but have removed the wheel and that one is reverse. I am sure that they one on the left side of the motorcycle is standard.

-- Pete (pistonpete@hotmail.com), January 23, 2004.

Thanks for the tips & info guys!


-- Eric Osborn (rzv500r@aol.com), January 24, 2004.

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