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hi would like to purchase secondhand race cans for a 2000 model f4s yorkshire, england cash waiting many thanks mark

-- mark donovan (, January 21, 2004


Good moning Mark. I do have a set of race exhausts and race chip for you . I'll send you a pic via your email. I am looking for US$800 for the set. They cost US1395 new. Let me know

-- felix and risa (, January 22, 2004.

i would save your pennys i dismantled my stock pipes so easy drill rivets on 4 end cans remove small first spring loaded baffles then you see aplate with a hole aprox 12mm in themiddle remove this plate leaving aprox 4mm around the edge to hold new 2 inch diameter perforated baffle tube this is avalable @ rufforth auto jumble first sat every month nr york cost aprox 15 pounds reg 2 no aprox 2 ft long then after first plate is a second one remove in total with any other part you can see down there before rebuilding pipes i polished the lot the ally end cans look like crome re fix these with stainless steel rivets as stronger I then went to italia classics in lincon they supplied a spr epron chip and set up the bike took them aprox 1 half hours sounds out of this world on song and ive baffled the police as it still has all eec markings BUT THIS IS NOT EASY TO CHANGE BACK SO YOUR CHOICE all the best paul from york

-- paul (, January 23, 2004.

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