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I am wondering if anyone had any information on the regulations of drive thru coffee stands in California. I live in Seattle now and I see them on every corner. I have tried to look up some of the information, but the drive thru coffee stand is a rare thing to find in California, that I have to wonder if the locals laws make it even possible to open them down thier..

Thanks Much for any input :)


-- Owen West (, January 21, 2004


See previous post...

-- Abe (, February 07, 2004.

In most areas in CA to have a drive thru you need a conditional use permit. Which means drivethrus are not by right. You ahve to ask the town council, neighbors and anyone else if you can have a drive thru.

Also in most areas real estate prices are so high that you need more than a drive up coffee stand

hope that helps


-- (, February 25, 2004.

There are many dt coffee shops in CA. Combining with the first two posts, it has gotten increasingly more difficult to establish a dt business any where in CA. Cost of land, permits and construction can run in excess of $350,000 for a small 8,000sqft lot, if you can find one and if the local regulatory entities will allow you to conduct business. It was much easy back in the early 90's as dt's were relatively new!

Good luck- Burke Hodge

-- B. Hodge (, June 23, 2004.

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