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I've just become aware of these cars. I was wondering if any photos were available of them. I'm interested in modeling them.

Any other info on them would be appreciated.


-- Tom Byrne (, January 20, 2004


I have a photo of 614500, still with the original ACL lettering and just the SCL renumbering patch. (Also have the same car as SBD 165002, again with just the renumbering patch changed.) Have never seen any photos of this car as ACL 14500, nor any photos (ACL or the later owners) of the other 2 60' cars, ACL 14501 and 14502. If anyone does have photos, please speak up.

The Society sells reprints of data books that have diagrams of these cars. I don't have one at hand so can't supply any other info right now like exact build date and so on.

The Walthers 60' auto car that came out several years ago matches one of these cars and the Society had a limited (and quickly sold out) run of custom models made from them.

-- Larry Goolsby (, January 20, 2004.

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