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Hi Has anyone come across a company called Brookvale. They deal with IVA's/Debt Management. I am looking into whether or not to go with them and want to know if they are ok as a company or if anyone has had dealings (good or bad) with them

regs Binky

-- binky (, January 19, 2004



Personally I have never heard of them but if you want help with Debt Management I would recommend Citizen's Advice who will help you for free. They will prepare financial statements on your behalf and re negotiate repayments of credit card payments, store cards, council tax etc. They are impartial and have only your interests at heart unlike most of the Debt Management companies who will only tie you in to another loan or arrangement which will eventually come back and bite you on the bum!

Good luck


-- Moira (, January 22, 2004.

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