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Does any one have a plan to make a spit to roast a pig on preferably gas fired . even a web site would be nice to look at. execellent site this

-- john (, January 19, 2004


Try here:

Big Baby

-- Little Bit Farm (, January 19, 2004.

Aslo here is a nice brick barbeque. I'm sure something like this could be addapted to a spit.


-- Little Bit Farm (, January 19, 2004.

Here is another one. Also for a gas hook up you could probably scrounge an old gas fireplace and use it. This will take a long time to download on dialup, and you will have to answer a coupl of questions to get there. However, the questions are not invasive.

-- Little Bit Farm (, January 19, 2004.

Ive seen spits made from old oil tanks, the tanks from household oil burner furnaces. The opening was cur from about 1/4 of it and hinged. A metal rod went from end to end, ( may have to reinforce the ends), could weld a small gear to it, and attach a chain drive for an electric motor, for the burner you could salvage some old burners from thrown away BBQ's or could buy them new., cut a few air holes near the bottom, and that should do it.

-- Stan (, January 19, 2004.

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