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Amber and I flew down Saturday and spent the day in Atlanta. Didn't have the time to drive. Helps when you have very generous friends who work for Delta Airlines..

I took a few pics.. not many... Just look for the Cycle World Album

This was my second time to a Cycle World show and it was about the same as the last one... not as much as I was hoping for, but all in all... not bad. Worth the money.

MV Agusta wasn't there, nor any of the new Guzzi's I was hoping to see. One local dealer who sold MV's had a display which included an 04 Senna and an 03 S. The Senna had a flat black paint on it that I hated. Was if somebody took a .600 sandpaper and di a once over. Not pretty easy to scratch. Id did have the adjustable footpegs which would be nice. Did finnaly get to see the Ural line of bikes. Russian made.. almost unchanged since the 30's. Engine looks like it was stolen from early BMW designers and rumor is.... that it actually was.... by Russian spies back in one WW1. Aprilia had a nice display as well as Ducati and BMW.

Lots of vendors, but most seem to be hawking nothing but Harley head covers, tees, trinkets... Surprised that there were no more helmet , boot, or glove manufacturers there. Arai, Shoei, HJC, but that's about it out of 20 or so manufacturers oout there. Orange County Choppers were swamped .. Masses of people actually lined up to get autographs from no name employees. Geezus... That's scary...

Main reason we went was to get Amber a new helmet and we came back with nothing but a calender and a Dramamine buzz... Unexpectedly ran into many old friends... Overall.. I good way to spend a day.

-- Pirate (, January 18, 2004


Thanks for the report. However, the black bike you saw was not a Senna but a SPR.

-- b (, January 18, 2004.

Doh!!.. You are correct.. I sit corrected.. it was an SPR..

The person working the booth TOLD me it was a Senna.. and my inner id reinforced his error by convincing my "gulliver" to ignore the actual lettering on the bike..

-- Pirate (, January 18, 2004.

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