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The other day, while on a trip in NC, I was on NC 20 going from St. Pauls to Raeford. At Lumber Bridge, I crossed over what seemed to be an abandonded RR. On the NC Map, it is identified as the RS&N, which, according to another post on this forum, is the Red Springs and Northern. Where did this line originally go, and when was it abandonded?


Wes Woodruff Orlando, FL

-- Wes Woodruff (woodruff_wes@bah.coom), January 16, 2004


The line is not abandoned, but is presently out of service, used only for twice monthly NARCOA speeder runs.

It is owned by Advancement, Inc., and is under lease to the Red Springs & Northern Foundation, Inc. a 501(c)(3) corporation which seeks to rehabilitate the line as an operating museum.

The line presently has a small amount of working capital, and recently received an operating FM switcher from the North Carolina Porst Railway. Hopefully, that locomotive will be moved to Parkton in May.

Memberships in the foundation are available at $40 per year, and of course volunteer participation is badly needed.

The line itself is 12.5 miles in length, and runs from the CSX interchange at Parkton southward to Red Springs. The line was originally part of the Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley, later ACL. It originally went to Bennettsville, and on to Sumter, but was cut back to Red Springs I think in the 70's.

Service to a couple of industries, including wood chips, aluuminum extrusion and fertilizer, was provided by Laurenburg Southern as contract operator into the late 80's.

Physically, the line is in good shape for the most part, probably requiring a couple of thousand ties to bring it into Class I condition. There are four bridges, one of which was rebuilt following a fire. The others are in good condition.

The Foundation seeks grants and contributions, and volunteers. Contact Tim Parnall in Parkton at 910 858-3320.

This is one that very well might be saved.

-- Pete Wenk (, January 19, 2004.

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