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Is there a roster list of the SAL locomotives that were painted in the "Jolly Green" paint scheme? Both old locomotives and new ones that were factory painted and delivered. Any help with a list would be appreciated. Allen L. Wiener, Ocala, Florida

-- Allen L. Wiener (, January 16, 2004


Allen -

The GP-40's (Nos. 600-650) and the U30B's (Nos. 800-814) were delivered new in the green paint scheme. The following units were repainted in that paint scheme - GP-7's Nos. 1722, 1732, 1770, 1787, 1799 and 1817; GP-9 No. 1912; and RS-11's Nos. 100 and 101. This information comes from Warren Calloway's book "Seaboard Motive Power". Warren is the authority on the subject.

-- William E. Griffin, Jr. (, January 17, 2004.

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