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I recently inherited an Olympia Cremina 67 when my father died. I am interested in selling the machine, but I have no idea what it might be worth. Does anyone know how to find out what the value of the machine might be?

Thanks for your help! -Sam

-- Sam Berg (, January 16, 2004


They sell for about $1,800-$2,200 now, but I bought one in '91 for $325. I may be interested if it's in good condition.

-- John Rubin (, March 11, 2004.

Hi, I have been looking for about two years for one I can aford. New ones go for 2,100.00 used one 3 to 5 hundred. The last one on E-Bay went for 525.00 and it had just been serviced. Tell me what price do you have in mind. Also does this machine have the tempature gage?

-- George W. Mitchell (, July 19, 2004.

I just bought one of these at a garage sale for $15, mostly because I liked the piston action. Upon review, it appears as I did real well, as the woman said it still works nicely but they wanted a newer one. She said that she bought it from a restaraunt owner who paid $1800 for it and she got it when they liquidated for $150 about 8 years ago.

-- Larry G (, November 07, 2004.

Since I bought this unit, I've been using it and researching its' origin/history. The unit that I own has serial number that starts with 74. According to Olympia in Switzerland, that means that it was made in 1974, and sold new for approximately 475 Swiss Franks. Used ones today (they say) go for around 1000sf (~$800).

On the fun side, this now has replaced our Saeco classico, as it appears that this is a the choice of the "espresso purist", and that when mastered, is superior to the electronic pumping mechanisms.

-- Larry G (, November 15, 2004.

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