Looking for help with the DeLonghi Caffe Pronto

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I have received the Delonghi Caffe Pronto from a family relative (who never used it). It did not come with a manual. I can't figure out how to steam milk with it. Does anyone have the manual or knows how to do this? Thx.

-- Beks (rlindskoog@shaw.ca), January 15, 2004


I hope you already got an answer to your question about the Pronto Caffe, but on the possibility that you didn't, here is how it works: Fill the reservoir with one cup of water. Make sure the lid is put on firmly, and that the lower basket is also properly in place. Turn the dial to "Cappucino" and wait approximately 2 minutes. The steam starts slowly at first, but will rapidly get to hissing. You can steam several cups of milk with one cup of water. We find our drinks steam best if we warm the beverage for about 30 seconds in the microwave prior to steaming. Also, fill your mug only 2/3 - 3/4 full, because the steaming can really increase the volume of the milk. We mostly steam milk and chai, but I would think any beverage that has a high proportion of milk in it will work.

-- ann emerson (the.emersons@mindspring.com), January 24, 2005.

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