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I noticed that the steam locomotive table lists two Shays. Anybody know anything about them? Location used? etc...

Thanks, -Jack

-- Jack Copeland (, January 15, 2004


Ahh, the sight of two Shays, tail to tail, painted in green and gold pulling the Crescent … Actually the Shays – two D class – were purchased in 1907. They were numbered 4000 and 4001. They were used on two sections Maryville TN to Calderwood TN (30.17 miles) and Maryville to Walland (10.2 miles) – In the Smokey Mountains = sharp curves, steep grades (and light rail).

Three cylinders, 46” drivers, 236,000 total weight. Sold to the C&O in 1915 becoming Nos. 14 and 15.

Information (except the info about the Crescent) from “Southern Steam Power”.


-- Charles Lewis (, January 17, 2004.

The shays that the southern owned were purchased directly from Lima. Not being satisfied both were sold to the C&O in January 1916.

from The Southern Railway Handbook pg.18

-- Ed Robertson (, January 19, 2004.

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