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Anybody know what causes my JVC GR-DVM90 to not record or playback sometimes. Something funky is going on with it. I can hit play on a tape that I know data is on and I will only get a blue screen or I could start recording stuff and on playback only have a blue screen I do hear the tape playing. This also seems to be intermittent. I found that if I am to watch the tape that only shows "blue" because the camera is acting up, I can record for just a second and then switch to play and the data is there. Unfortunately I then have one second of blah amongst my good footage. Do you think this is hardware or software related? Any clues or suggestions would be helpful.

(I have also tried winding the tapes and rewinding with no apparent change, I also took them out, tapped em, shut the system off, nothing works but a recording which is a problem cause I never know if it is actually recording)

-- David Tebera (, January 15, 2004


Hi, I am having a simular problem, I can use all the functions of the camera except play back the video recording. i am getting a message on screnn saying, 'DO4 system in safety mode. remove battery and reconnect '. Do you get the same message.

I have tried this but it hasn't helped. I have only had the problem since I removed the camera from the docking station whilst it was switched on. I am going to try and view the tape through the TV and see what happens. If I cure the problem I will let you know.


-- Kevin Norman (, January 19, 2004.

My camera has the same problem. I have sent it back to JVC and they returned it saying It was OK. Again I had the same Problem. Sent it to Mack Camera twice and bothe times it has been returned aand they say there is nothing wrong with it. Since the battery is not sent with it for repairs I am suspecting that maybe the battery is giving improper voltage aat different levels of charge. I am testing it today using the battery adapter aand if that works then I willtry new battery and let you know what Happens. Let me know if you have found anything else out. Regards, Dennis

-- Dennis Perkins (, June 26, 2004.

i have a similar problem . my video camera doesnt response to any instruccion . the screen is blue. Somethimes there is a message that said that it needs a battery, but the batery is charged. I am from peru and the problem for me is that i cannot go to any jvc store to claim . sorry by the mistakes

-- Diego Guevara Obando (, July 04, 2004.

is e04 not d04 and it is an error message which means the drum is not working properly . it is a hardware problem . can be solved only by a technician.

-- guy (, July 06, 2004.

I have the same problem. I went at JVC's store, they told me that I need to change something in the hardware, but the cost is around $500. I can't believe it, but is true because I searched by internet in JVC's website and the price for this piece is $ 520.

-- daniel barrantes (, July 10, 2004.

please if someone have a new information how to solve the problem mail me

-- Diego Guevara Obando (, July 11, 2004.

I fixed a similar problem. My camera was not responding to some functions properly, when it was with the battery; therefore I took the battery off and I conected the camera using the charger, directly to the power plug; simple, all the problems dissapear, which means that my battery was causing the problem, or something that just works with the battery. Now my problem is that a new battery costs around $120 and my camera is already 4 yrs old. so I'm not sure I want to spend that money and risk to have the same problem soon.

Regards, Gerardo Goya

-- Gerardo Goya (, July 16, 2004.

Try taking the casstte out and see if the error goes away. I was told that moisture buildup in the mechanism can cause that problem. Try another cassette and see if the problem goes away.

-- Randy (, August 25, 2004.

Hello I am having the same problem, I paid $1000 for this camara and is in the closet, Jvc know is a problem with this camara but is not doing nothing about it , Thy should have a recall for this item, Is not fair to have to paid $500 to fix the camara when you can buy a new one from other manefactur more responsable . Let get together and STOP BUYING JVC thanks Myriam

-- Myriam Parker (, October 13, 2004.

Same problem. My camera is 5 years old. I tried a tape head cleaner (20$) and it didn't work. I called JVC and they believe it might be a problem with the heads. He told me bad things include leaving the tape in all the time. When it starts up it drags something off the tape and it builds up on the heads. i think a 5 year old camera has run it's life span in this day and age. Prior to this problem I got a message saying the heads needed to be cleaned. I think I'm going to just get a new one.

-- Emilio (, October 16, 2004.

I Live in Brazil and bought the cam 3 yeras ago in USA. I Have the same problem. I think the problem as riverjordan1 wrote, is in the tape mechanism. When I try to use it in the DSC mode (only Photos) the problem doesn't happen. Please let me know if anybody have a information how solve this ploblem.

-- Flavio Campos (, October 31, 2004.

I have also the same problem with my JVC GR-DVM90 that I purchased in the USA three years ago. It seems that during the most important moments the blue screen appears and the Camera will not record any more. The last such moment was during the birth of my son, I filmed some scenes and of course when it came time to playback I had a bunch of pixels jumping around the screen and could not see anything. To solve the problem I threw this piece of junk in the trash and know better to buy Sony next time !!

-- Peter Rietmann (, November 05, 2004.

This camera is a piece of @#$% JVC should replace or refund it has never worked right...I sent for repairs 2x and all of the same problems are happening. I am very upset spending 1200 when the camera came out.

-- (, November 13, 2004.

My camera also has the eo4 error, every once and awhile it will work ok but it sucks when it wont work correctely...i will never buy a jvc again....waaaaaaaa.

-- james freeman (, November 15, 2004.

I have same problem in JVC camcorder(JVC GR-D90U) purchased last october. I am having trouble getting a picture on my camcorder. When I turn it on I only see black through the lens and/or through the screen. It looks like the cap is still on the lens. Constantly gives the lens cap warning in automatic and manual modes. Will only record sound. LCD is black with only the warning

-- pankaj madhani (, November 15, 2004.

I have that problem only when use a "not" jvc miniDV.. after have that problem, I cleanup the head whit isopropilic alcohol and a few minutes ago, the camera works ok.. but when i try to use the sony miniDV's the prooblem appears again... of course, my JVC now is on sale, and i think to buy a non tape mechanism camcorder... THANKS AT ALL!

-- SpongeBob (, November 28, 2004.

I have a GRDVL100, good little camera "when" working.. IF its not a "head needs cleaning" msg I get Eo4 errors...and recordings are all pixelated. I see a general thread of issues here with many JVC video cameras and all appear to be similar. Have missed so much footage on holidays etc because of this bloody camera!! Not sure where to take it or who to complain to. Camera about 3yrs old...any suggestions anyone, might try the jvc tape, but seems more complex than just using another Tape. based on what i have read would not buy another JVC Camera!!!!has anyone stood up to JVC yet!! in my line of work I would no longer have a product to sell if these many problems occured!

-- Dan palm (, November 30, 2004.

I am technician, and I have same problem. This problem cause the excessive resistance between video heads and video signal processor (oxide the connectors).So, the engineers from JVC made some mistakes and now we pay for this.I know how to fix it but no guarantee that this problem will not appear again. I think JVC must have recall for this model but they don't care. We maybe should organise ourself to some kind of organisation to made this company pay our money back or give us new model camcorder. And we can do it if we join together.

-- tech (, December 08, 2004.

OK....I just bought this camera on ebay....and am reading a lot of bad information about it! Here is what I have gathered. ONLY use jvc mini dv tapes.....Keep the heads clean.....donīt use in low careful using in high humidity....keep camera VERY clean...especially watch that sand on the beach! ....oh....I guess you are supposed only to use the camera inside, in a dry climate, and only with jvc products, and only on friday afternoon with back up jvc television seems to work! what the heck! good luck to all from Brazil!


-- edward c (, January 14, 2005.

I've just tried running my gr-dvl100 using the mains supply instead of the battery and it works fine. When I use the battery I get a blue screen and no playback. Obviously a problem with the battery. Check the battery first, it seems a to be a common fault on these models.

-- martin gardner (, January 23, 2005.

JVC is crap!! I own a DR-DVL9500 that I payed $1700,-!!!. And I've had the 'blue screen problem right from the start. At first it was send in for repair (and fixed) but after a short while the problem began to come back. It seems intermittent. Strange thing is when it happens and I switch tapes for playback, it works and after switching back it works to. Problem is sending it in for repairs will probably cost more than just buy a new one. Next time I will SURELY buy a Sony. Never ever never ever ever ever am I going to buy a JVC product!!!!!

-- TaranQ (, February 26, 2005.

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