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Can someone please explain the difference between a Title Deed and Mortgage Deed. As per this site recommendations I have repeatedly asked for a copy of the Mortgage Deed which B&B will not provide/do not have and suggest I get one from the Land Registry at a charge of 8.00. Should B&B not hold it, are they talking about the Mortgage Deed or Title Deed??


-- Julie (, January 15, 2004


A title deed is the deed which shows and follows the title through to eventually show you as the owner of a property. It is usually taken from an Abstract of Title upon which your predecessors (people who owned the property before you) are named.

A mortgage deed is the bit of paper which shows the mortgagees as one party and you as the other and pertains to any lending secured on the property by way of a mortgage.

-- David J. Button (, January 15, 2004.

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