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I inherited my mothers 6 cup PYREX Precolator. It was still in the original box. It made good coffee. The one and only time that my wife decided that she "knew" how to wash and clean it she broke the GLASS HOLDING BASKET. The instruction card say's the "bowl" is part number 7756-B. The stem is fine the aluminum base and top are fine I just need the Glass Bowl or Basket I don't know when my mom bought this, probably WW II, the price tag reads $4.95 + local tax (incredible !). Pleas advise if you have one or know where too get one.

-- Henry S. Barsky (, January 14, 2004


Try E-Bay I am also looking for a 8 cup coffee pot .It just got broken this week.

-- Mary Boyle (, January 21, 2004.

I have the official PYREX package insert for the 6-cup percolator, as a WORD file, and as a JPG file and photocopied on paper. I would love to trade these for a GLASS LID 7759-C for the Pyrex NINE cup coffeemaker.

-- Henry Crouch (, October 08, 2004.

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