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Hello everyone,

Do you take scriptures out of context and fit them into the traditions that are followed in the Church of Christ?

There are three scriptures that are usually taken out of context. They are listed below and your comments are welcome.

1) ICor. 16:1-2 that is used to try to prove a common treasury taken up on the Lord's Day.

2) Rev. When John "was in the spirit on the Lord's Day" we have made that mean he couldn't be at Church on Sunday but he was there is spirit. This simply is not so.

3) Acts 20:7, this is taken out of context and used for three events.

1) "Proof" for the preacher system today. It isn't. 2) The Lord's supper must be taken on the "Lord's Day." The breaking of bread in this scripture was a common meal. When the Lord's supper is spoken of it is called the cup and the bread. Jesus said "as oft as you do in remembance of me." He didn't set a time, day, or how many times. 3) We must go to Church every first day of the week. This is no example of such. There is nothing in the N.T. of meeting at a certain time and doing certain things in a formal setting. When we get together it is for interaction and is for our own good, not to worship our Father. That is done individually as we give our bodies as living sacrifices to God.


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-- Nelta Brock (, January 14, 2004

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