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I have just fitted a set of Silmoto pipes to my F4S, with a third generation chip, the bike sounds great and goes well when giving it some. However, it cuts out sometimes when stopping at islands/junctions, and seems abit on/off at the bottom end. I chose Silmoto in preference to exchange pipes from Casoli, Casoli look nice but I wanted to keep my original pipes just incase I get pulled by the law and have to fir the standard pipes for a garage to check. A power commander has been suggested, what are your views on this, any better chips about or is a power commander the best option ?..Cheers

-- Carl (, January 13, 2004


when I first brought my Mv, It has carbon Fast By Farraci it used to stall at intersections at first I thought it was the bike, I started watching the revs as i did the same thing and found that the bike runs so smooth right through the rev range and I was actually stalling it. You may need to pull the clutch in slightly earlier. Good luck & safe riding, Bret Martin

-- Bret Martin (, January 14, 2004.

hi carl . have silmoto pipes on my mv, bottom end was poor up to about 4000 rpm, setting the Co correctly improved that problem about 3.5 percent if i remember correctly. Have since fitted a power commander, that allows plenty of scope for playing with feuling, try the co first.


-- andy finch (, January 14, 2004.

Get a WCT chip. It is a simple plug and play and works better than any other chip on the market. It's easier to set up than the Power Commander--and seems to work better too.

-- martin (, January 14, 2004.

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