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Having multiple drive control problems with a US MP1200 MDU drive, geared elevator. Have consulted with all people you are probably thinking of. Looking for person that w/have some very in-depth information or know someone who does. Thanks. JT

-- Jan Testin (, January 08, 2004


er, I meant...gearless of course


-- Jan Testin (, January 09, 2004.

Is the mdu 7 boards in rack? If it is there are 2 sections,the selector (12bit counter) and the speed control (electronic regulator to excite motorand generator fields.) A1 is the output board to the genarator. A7 is output for motor field and brake voltages. Does this sound like the same system?

-- Jerry Ferro (, February 04, 2004.

Yes, that's the monster. And I mean monster in the worst way.

-- Jan Testin (, July 24, 2004.

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