whats the definition of photojournailsm

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hi, im a student studying A level photography at college. im currently doing a project on photojournalism, i would be extremely grateful if some one could tell me exactly what photojournalism is. i know it involves documenting a story via photos, but i need some more information about it and how it began. i would also be grateful if you know of any websites that could possibly help me. thanks. abbie

-- abbie (abster16@hotmail.com), January 08, 2004


Here are some good books to begin with: Eyes of Time by Marianne Fulton Truth Needs No Ally by Howard Chapnick Ethics of Photojournalism by Paul Lester Photojournalism by Cliff Edom (These are older works but they present a very good overview of the history and nature of photojournalism) Origins of Photojournalism in America by Michael Carlebach Photojournalism Comes of Age by Michael Carlebach Also look at News Photographer, the magazine of the National Press Photographers of America

-- sherre paris (slparis@mail.utexas.edu), January 08, 2004.

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