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Hi There The longest escalator in the world used to be the 100 meter ones in Leningrad USSR, I saw them in 1990 and they were either 3 or 5 units along side each other. There was allways a little house at the bottom end that a old retired soviet woman would watch the units and shutdown if needed. I was told that these escalators were made in Kiev. Is that true were they made there. Jim

-- Jim (, January 04, 2004


I think there are even longer ones in Prague. They were made by Thyssen Escalator, Hamburg. In between Leningrad turned into Saint Petersburg. I went there by car last summer. The escalators are still in place, even the women are still sitting in there box by the escalators. The step-surfaces are made of wood, similar to some of the old escalators at London Tube. Unfortunately I don't know were the fabrication of USSR-escalators was located. It might be in Kiev, which is in todays federal republik Ukraine.

-- Jan (GER) (, January 04, 2004.

The escalators in Prague-metro have a rise-level of 45 meters. Taking into account that they have been produced according to the european norms(27 degree of inclination for hige rise-level escalators).They are supposed to be shorter than 100 meters but still,they are the longest modern escalators...

-- sansal karamustafa (, February 21, 2004.

Looked around on the net, apparently there is one that is 377feet long in Hong Kong somewhere.

-- Patrick Brown (, March 10, 2004.

Longest in the world: Hong Kong's Mid-Levels Escalator, at 800 Meters (nealy half a mile long.)

Longest in Western Hemisphere: escalator at the Wheaton Metro Station outside of Washington, DC, USA. 250 feet long.

-- Daniel M. Maggin (, May 17, 2004.

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