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Hi There I was wondering what method has worked well in other elevator companies to schedule repair work. When I was a service manager I used to have all the standard repair letters on the computer and sell work to customers. Then when they signed the work I would get material and post them on a wall so if someone needed some work they were all set. As far as planning I used a dry erase month calender and used 3 calendars at a time and post them on a wall and fill in target dates for repair work. What works for you in planning for a number of crews. Jim

-- jim (, January 02, 2004


My boss uses the 3 month dry erase board too. I used to like it because it was easy to see what repair are coming up and what i need to order for them and it is easy to switch around , I have a route now so i don`t have to look at it much.

-- fxstd (, January 02, 2004.

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