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Happy Holidays to all! One of the ACL lines into High Springs FL approached the town from the east. My question is, did this trackage run from Burnett's Lake or out of Alachua? Judging from old mixed-train routings it sounds like the line originated off the Jax-St. Pete main at Burnett's, but I just need someone to confirm this, as my DeLorme's atlas isn't able to provide the answer. Thanks!

-- Bob Venditti (, December 26, 2003


Bob - Both Burnett's Lake and Alachua! This line was ex-Plant System that ran west from Palatka to Gainesville, then through Burnett's Lake AND Alachula to High Springs, Lake City Junction(Fort White) and Live Oak. The line from Jacksonville to Burnett's Lake was built later. The continuation of that line was from Alachula south to Newberry where it connected with the ex-Plant line from High Springs to Newberry and Dunnellon. At least that's what the ACL maps show.

-- Tom Underwood (, December 27, 2003.

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