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Folks, is there a spark plug upgrade that'll work with my 2000 F4S? The stock NGK CR8E does have an iridium CR8EIX but when you try to cross reference the CR8E it doesn't go over to the IX model. I've also seen posted that a CR9EIX will work. Any advice? Thanks!

-- dean (, December 24, 2003


I have replaced my plugs with Iridum NGK plugs and they are awesome, my bike idles alot smoother and throttle pickup has improved(I had one OEM plug that was really carboned up and may have been bad). I called NGK and asked about the Iridium replacements. I am not sure if they are the CR8EIX or the CR9EIX, but you will have to also get 4 screw on spark plug nuts, the CR8E(e means special built for manufacturer),has the larger nuts already.

-- Curt McMillion (, December 25, 2003.

Do you have the part numbers for those plugs? I'll probably replace mine when I do my spring tune-up later.

-- Brad Cowell (, December 27, 2003.

part number is NGK #CR9EIX

-- Curt McMillion (, December 29, 2003.

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