What are the components of the microprocessor used in the elevator control panel& how can it be programed?

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I want to know every thing about the microprocessor used in the elevator control panel & how can it be programed? If there is any reference containing the above requirments please give me its name & tell me where can I get it from. If there are courses that could be given via internet please tell me the way to reach these courses. Thank you very much.

-- Hend Maher Matar (matar_1981@hotmail.com), December 24, 2003


Razi Raslan Electrical Engineering From University Of Balamand

Hi Am working now in a research in this field! And am assuming that you are familiar with the elevator component as mechanical or electrical parts and familiar with the methods of the control. If you do not I advise you to get the main concept of the mechanical parts first then moving to the electrical parts. Also, it would be more helpful to visit the Following web site where as you can see some description about the electrical and mechanical Parts: www.raslanliftsco.com

As an answer to your question: In 10 years ago, the Microprocessor was the best controller to the elevators control panel! But today, we prefer to use the Microcontroller Technology which cost less money than the other solutions such as PLC. I did not say that the PLC is not good but not preferable solution. Anyway, the main component of the Microprocessor for the elevators control are : Microprocessor Type: any commercial processors (let us say for example):Z80 or Motorola 6800 Digital Reader: it could be implemented as mechanical switches and/or digital circuit. This reader is used to both of stop signaling and switching speed signals Power circuit: it gets its controlled signals from the controller, the controller would give you +5 V signals with low current, therefore, you need to put a transistor driver to control the relays, where as the relays would controls the Power Signals.(power singles is 3 Phase AC with large current –depends on the motor size but min. current is 30 A per phase).

Best Regards R.Raslan

-- Razi Raslan (razi.raslan@balamand.edu.lb), March 30, 2004.

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