kunsthandel geerling painting ID, just another cafe?

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I recently aquire what appears to be a very and dirty oil painting. the subject is three men seated arround a table in a night club/cafe. One is wearing a top hat. One could be georges clemenceau. It is black and white or monochrome. 20"x 16". On the stretcher are the words Kunsthandel Geerling Den Haag Tel 337794 L.V. moordevoort 249 A gallery? Stretcher manufacturer? 6 digit phone number. Any help interpretting this would be appreciated. I don't speak Dutch. Painting is signed but can't make it out due to age, dirt, language difference. Odds are against me but does Degas ring a bell? Are these cafe painting much too common? My best guess says it might be important. There also is a painting underneath this one as I kind see the edges on the folder over canvas. Any how Thanks Carl

-- carl hood (cmhood111@yahoo.com), December 23, 2003

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