What is Addelston International?

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I have noticed recently that quite a few diesel locomotives of ACL, SAL and SCL ancestry have been acquired by Addelston International at Georgetown, SC after they have been retired from active service or removed from storage by CSX. No further action, such as scrapping or sale to another buyer, is identified.

I'm wondering about Addelston International (what kind of business it is),and what uses does it have for the locomotives -- scrap, steel production, or something else? It seems like an unusual place for a final destination, unless the locomotives are being reprocessed as new steel.

A question of personal curiousity! Thanks!

Happy Holidays!

Aaron Dowling

-- Aaron Dowling (adowling@MERandB.com), December 22, 2003


Aaron, Sometimes it takes a while to get an answer, doesn't it. Addelstone International is a scrap steel company, located in Georgetown, S.C. They primarily export scrap steel. The locomotives they receive are chopped up into chunks and loaded into the holds of ships and go away to come back as structural steel or plate steel. There is an Addelstone Steel in Georgetown that makes rebar, but if the locomotives were sold to International, they most likely went away in chunks.

-- roger dupont (vrdupont@webtv.net), August 19, 2004.

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