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I have successfully digitized several family VHS videos by connecting my VHS player to my Sony DCR TRV330 and from there to my computer's IEEE adapter using Moviemaker. Then I upgraded to Moviemaker 2.0. MM2.0 sees the camera, and I even get the video in the program's preview pane. But when I hit "Start" the program says I don't have a tape in my capture device. It shows only one capture device, the Sony. I am told there's a MM2.0 patch that might fix this problem, but I can't find it. Any ideas? Thanks.

-- Bill Knudsen (, December 21, 2003


I am new to the MS MOVIEMAKER device. So, my question might sound a little silly. I would like to know if the MS MOVIEMAKER can be modified to function with any type of digital camera device as well as modern day movie cameras?

-- Richard G. Buchanan Jr. (, February 14, 2004.

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