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Why can't we call "mentaly challenged" people retards? Retard means "slow" in Italian, and we can call them "slow" in English. They are retards. Maybe, if fort years ago at a back-to-school night in Massetchussets, a teacher had been able to say "Mrs. Bush, your son is a retard", he would have gotten the help he needed and we wouldn't be in this mess [03:31:02] Innocence Lost joins the net [03:33:26] i am yours .... [03:33:26] say one day [03:33:26] i AM yours, say one day [03:33:26] i have anything, all are yourssssssssssss. [03:33:26] say one day [03:33:26] [03:33:26] you say them stars [03:33:26] ....thoes eyes are yours [03:33:26] you say them branches [03:33:26] ....those hands are yours [03:33:26] you say them flowers [03:33:26] ....thoes talks are yours [03:33:26] [03:33:26] if these are mine [03:33:26] give them all to me one day [03:33:26] give your self to me and love me one day [03:33:26] keep your hands on my hands [03:33:26] take my soul away one day [03:39:58] -=-=-=--=G@mE=-=-=- joins the net

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