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got a fax from my dealer saying that the mv f4 ago 750cc that i could have deliveret this year not are comming, he said that there would come a f4 ago 1000cc fore the same price fore the people that have one in order, then i need to ask!!! anyone know the price off this new bike

-- stefano (, December 16, 2003


Dutch official prices they released! You see, the one that drives a Tamburini in holland must be respected a lot for the almost 14000 euro's he helped the community on TAX!!

F4 1000 Tamburini Euro 48999,-(=Netto 35.235 +BPM tax 7069 +Vat 6.695) F4 1000 ago 32999,- F4 1000s 1+1 24299,- F4 1000s 23999,- F4 spr 29999,- F4 750s 1+1 21199,- F4 750s 20999,- Brutale Oro 35999,- Brutale S 18299,-

hope for you the prices are lower! but it gives you an impresion

-- hb (, December 16, 2003.

I understood that the 1000 ago should have the same price as the 750.

-- Erik MV (, December 16, 2003.

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