Politics In Hamlet

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What is the political theme in Hamlet and how important is it to the play?

-- Rodney King (jimmy_tarbuk_is_a_bastard@yahoo.com), December 15, 2003


There's only one? Top-down corruption - a rotten ruler can spoil a state. Or the positives and negatives of using violence to achieve political ends. Ditto with spying, eavesdropping and other wily ways. Or what it is that makes a good ruler. Or what it is that makes a good courtier. Or the difficulty of personal interests and desires of rulers conflicting with national good and interests. Or maybe even the real power of those 'in power' under God.

One political theme? Maybe it's an exploration of the system of monarchy.

-- catherine england (catherine_england@fastmail.com.au), December 19, 2003.

political aspects of the play claudius userped hamlets fathers throne

-- keri lowton (kerilowton@hotmail.com), November 26, 2004.

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