WCT chip from MOTO Wheels made a huge improvement!

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If you have an RG3 open exhaust on your F4 or you are thinking about getting one, you need to contact the folks at MOTO Wheels. They have a chip to replace the one that comes standard with the RG3 setup and I can tell you that this chip make a huge difference! I just hade my RG3 installed last weekend and also had the chip I ordered from Martin at MOTO Wheels installed. All I can say is WOW! The bike has NO flat spot anywhere in the RPM range. The bike pulls very hard from 1000 RPM clean through the red line. I actually had to get off the gas due to very cold roads and the bike wanting to spin up the back tire under hard acceleration. I can honestly say that the bike feels like a new machine. Granted, it's a 2003 but it's a whole new ride. This is what an MV should feel like. Like I said, if you have or are thinking if getting the RG3, get with Martin at MOTO Wheels and he can take care of you. Just so you all know I'm not in Martin's back pocket and live around the corner from him, MOTO Wheels is in California and I am in Holland. Trust me, this WCT chip is awesome!!!!!! Let me know if you have any questions.

-- Scott Armstrong (scott.armstrong@volkel.spangdahlem.af.mil), December 13, 2003


I looked into this chip and discussed it with Martin as well. I could be wrong, but it still seemed to me that a Power Commander III would be a better setup. Any other opinions?

-- Alex (alexander_marzano@hotmail.com), December 13, 2003.

I have the chip on my 2002 F4 with the full RG3 system. The bike did not have any power between about 4000-5500 with the RG3 chip. I was constantly shifting the bike to keep the bike in it's power band.

With the WCT chip, it has good power down low and great throttle response across the entire power band.

I have not tried the power commander yet-- I don't feel any need to. The bike runs great.

-- martin (martin @motowheels.com), December 15, 2003.

Is it pretty easy to drop the chip in your self?

-- Asok Boopathy (aboopa@netscape.net), December 17, 2003.

It's an easy install. Just remove the computer and flip it over. I think it is four screws. It helps to have a chip puller (available at most electronic stores) and you should ground yourself to the bike.

-- martin (martin@motowheels.com), December 18, 2003.

HOW much for chip in $ US ? Warranty etc

-- Errol Meulen (meulen1@optusnet.com.au), December 26, 2003.

Moto Wheels lists it for $265

http://www.motowheels.com/italian/myProducts.cfm?parentcategoryid=3% 7CExhaust&productID=2812&showDetail=1&categoryID=441|MV% 20AGUSTA&vendoridtodisplay=0&filterFor=&collection=168%7CItalian% 20Motorcycle%20Parts

-- Bill (wbmac@yahoo.com), December 27, 2003.

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