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I have a DeLonghi Caffe Sorrento Espresso Machine, but have never used it because I don't have the instruction manual. Please let me know if you have one you can share with me via e-mail, fax, postal service mail , messenger or overnight delivery. I can sort of figure out how the coffee part works, but the other steamed milk apparatus/nozzle and adjustment knob terrifies me and my family. Any help you can offer would be gratefully appreciated.

Best regards,

A. Cichy

-- Alex Cichy (, December 13, 2003


Did you evre have a reply? I too have one without insructions and would appreciate a copy if you have one. Thanks, Ray.

-- Ray Lloyd (, February 28, 2004.

hi same problem here but i do have an 800 # that you can call and they will be glad to help you

that # is 1-800-322-3848

you will need the make of the mech. and the serial # you can find that on the bottom of the mech. its self

have a wonderful day

-- lisa (, March 09, 2004.

I called the 1-800 number and they gave me an email address to send for a manual. Include your model number and post to

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I'll give you a real email address when you fix your board so that spam spiders cannot gather the addresses that are posted to it.

You have to delete one bounce report? Boo hoo... I have to delete 5000 spams because you do not protect your users addresses from being harvested by spammers... forget it!

-- espresso lover (, April 28, 2004.

I have the manual if you need it you can take a copy, email me if so.

-- sparky (, June 28, 2004.

I just bought my DeLonghi Caffè Nabucco at a trift store came with everything but the manual I got it for $2.00 all I'm needing to know Is what the knob on the top is for thanks TC

-- TC (, January 23, 2005.

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