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I've read that Toshiba is supplying the world's fastest elevators for the brand new Taipei101 building in Hong-Kong. Knowing that those 2 machines will be doing a nice 0.63 miles/minute, I was wondering about inside-the-car security. Are the gonna put seatbelts or something ? Well, in thrillrides, they do.... Stupid question ?

-- arno (, December 11, 2003


Hey Arno:

taipei 101 building is not in Hong-Kong.

-- CC (, December 11, 2003.

The fastest elevator for office building use will be in Taipei Tawain the machines are AC gearless made by Toshiba 1010 meters per min and have a hydralic disk brake, the cabs have large blowers under the cars and are pressurized to even out the presure changes to the inner ear, over 60 stories 1400 fpm is the fastest you can go with out risking hurting someones ears. Airplanes desend at about 500 fpm for that reason. The cabs have a vibration balancing system also under the cabs with a linear screw and weight driven by sensors that counter act vibration forces. The roller guides are over 12 inch in diameter and the safties are of ceramic type design used only once per set. This equipment was diplayed at the china world elev expo in Beijing 2002. The building befor that was the Yokahama building in Japan Mitsubishi and before that was the sunshine 60 building in shinshku Tokyo a westinghouse copy by Mitsubishi I have seen both jobs. The diamond mines in south africa are about the same speed but they are not concerned about leveling acuracy. the drop zone amuzment ride in California is close to 6000 feet per minute.

-- Jim (, December 11, 2003.

its actually a joint venture with toshiba technology and kone installation.ok bro

-- richard (, January 06, 2005.

I'm a employe at KONE in the Netherlands and the machines are deliverd by KONE. The are called MX100 and are designed to travel 17 cm/sec!

-- Roger Koedoot (, January 24, 2005.

thats nothing i just installed a stair lift that can travel speeds up to 1400mm in just under 10mins.

-- newbie (, January 25, 2005.

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