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I have owned my first MV now for 3 months. This site is great for info, you guys have come up with all the answers for me to allow damage free work. So here is something back. I bought an Acumen gear indicator from the NEC for 50.00. The wiring is as follows: Acumen Brown tacho wire connects to MV Grey and yellow wire Acumen Orange speedo wire connects to MV Brown wire Acumen Green Neutral wire connects to MV Green and Yellow wire Acumen Black Earth connection to MV Earth/frame connection Acumen Red Ignition switch wire to MV violet and white All of the above connections can be made at the main loom behind the clock console. *** My F4 is a pre Evo 2 April 2002 model*** Since fitting this there is no more trying to change into 6 whilst already in 6th gear, somehting that always does my head in on any bike. So if you have been thinking of fitting one but unsure of the connections, go on have a go !, it works really well, pretty quick updating as you flick through the box ! Cheers Carl

-- Carl (, December 10, 2003


Carl.. Thanks much for the heads up on this.. Have been seriously thinking about this mod... When doing my Hyper-Lite rear lighting kit install a few weeks ago (and a V1 install) I quickly found out that the manual's wiring color schematic is as useless as Michael Jackson's PR man.

Any way you can send me digital pics of the placement? Very curious as to how you've got it set up...

Again.. thanks much..

-- Pirate (, December 10, 2003.

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