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hi again, I have checked with the land registry to see what the lender sold my husbands house for after it was repossessed, but no price was stated on the registry, is there any other way of finding out what it got sold for?

-- sara lee (, December 10, 2003


Hi Again Sara!

You need to follow the advice on this web, i.e. serve a SARN on the lender. They have a duty to provide you with all the information you need.

Go to the Do's & Dont's section, if you need any further help just ask.

-- Chris (, December 10, 2003.

I would suggest that you also SARN the company chasing you for payment if this is not the lender.Also I would write them asking them to show a breakdown of the alleged debt which you require in order to substantiate their claim and be sure of your own position. Head any letter with 'without prejudice'. Obviously you are going to be seen as being helpful to them but querying the breakdown (get into written conversations about the debt and dont speak to them but do get in touch dont ignore their letters). Follow the Do's and Don'ts on the site and send every bit of correspondence by recorded delivery

-- Kevin (, December 10, 2003.


There is an example sarn letter on the "Repossession" page, see Options box top left. I would also suggest you and any newcomer to the site read as many previous postings as possible, as well as the "Do's & Don'ts". You should also try & find out from Land Registry who your house was sold to. Land Registry won't be able to tell you who the purchasers worked for e.g. building society, estate agent, that you would have to ascertain by other means.


-- M Amos (, December 10, 2003.

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