why not pay up your debt?

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Why not encourage people to pay up their debts? They owe them after all.

-- robert kingsley (b.kingsley@btinternet.com), December 08, 2003



Who do you shoot from the hip about something you obviously have not taken the time to find out about? Further investigation of this site and its contents would reveal to you that this site is for the victims of repossession. This is something that is not seen that much now, but I predict that repossession will make a serious comeback, for the financial conditions and mindset of the people is virtually the same as it was in the 90's. This site helps people to fight mismanagement and plain fraud conducted by mortgage companies. Most of the people on this site have been repossessed and kicked out of their homes due to marriage breakdown, job loss, or other factors. Some of them, were advised by their mortgage companies that their Mortgage Indemnity Guarantees would protect them, this is not the case so they (the migs) were missold. Others have been persued by other companies who have bought the debt, dispite this being unethical and possibly illegal. Even more have been harrassed by falsely inflated claims by mortgage companies and solictors with threats of legal action. These scum operate just within the law, and this site helps to redress the balance. People who owe money should pay it, BUT when the mortgage companies add spurious and inflated charges or continue to charge high rates of interest on balances, or cannot prove the debt, then they should be brought to task.

Tell me, if you received a letter from Jobless, Repoed and Fleeced (a well known solictors firm) saying that you owed them 54,856.93p and that if you dont pay then they will take you to court, what would you do ? Firstly you would ask for proof of the debt and a breakdown of the debt, this is something that most of the mortgage companies CANNOT do, would you pay this ? I suspect not, so in future think about what you want to say



-- John (sharky_john@hotmail.com), December 08, 2003.

have you EVER had bad luck? been made redundant? ill? no money, get lost and get alife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- sara lee (saralee@tiscali.net), December 08, 2003.

He is obviously one of the brain dead morons who earn an income from the misfortune of the average person who has been butt f$$$$$$d by the finance houses of this country most often through no fault of their own and end up payng for the debt recovery departments of the legal firms, and debt collection agencies most of which break the law to find the "debtor" customer in the frst place......what a bunch of hypocritical wan***s the CSA (credit services association.... who are supposed to police the industry,,,,,, not) will they name the twelve agencies "raided" or visited by the Data Protection Commissar last year I think not..... are they still members .... I think so!!!

-- andrew barclay (locate1st@hotmail.com), December 16, 2003.

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