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Could you please let me know which are the kritis (with raga) are included in Pancharatna Kerthanas. And why the musicians singing those kritis (pancharatna keerthanas) only on special occassions and as a group. I haven't seen before any individual singing as alone these Pancharatna keerthanas.

Thanks and regards,

Ram Prasad

-- Ram Prasad (, December 07, 2003


Tyagaraja's pancaratna kritis are: jagadAnandakArakA in nATa, duDukugala nannE in gauLa, sAdhincenE O manasA in Arabhi, kanakana rucira in varALi and endarO mahAnubhAvulu in shrI. Artists often render these songs singly in concerts.

-- Lakshman (, December 07, 2003.

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