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I wonder if I can be given some advice? I received a call yesterday out of the blue from Edwards Geldards solicitors asking me to pay 20000. Admittedly they wrote to me in March which I ignored and then a week later saying that they will accept 5000 as full and final settlement., I claimed that Id never received these letters(they werent sent rec del).The chap says hes gonna issue a statutory demand today via their agents and today he was trying to get hold of me at work then he sent a 'Notice of Appointment' by fax saying 'we are instructed to prepare and serve a statutory demand in bankruptcy against you' I had to contact him by telephone by close of play today which I didnt do. what I did do is draft a letter to them which I faxed and sent recorded delivery asking them for a breakdown of the figure 9565(it transpires that this is the correct figure) asking them, for a breakdown of this amount so that I can help them further. Is there anything else that I should be doing and will they issue this statutory demand for real or is it a threat in all probability that they probably wont carry out? Is there anything else I should be doing (other than asking for rights access notices to the lender and solicitor)? This letter that he faxed me stated that 'If we have not heard from you by close of business on Friday 5th December 2003 our agents have instructions to call upon you at a time convenient to them' . Anybody know what my next move is?

-- Kevin Dowling (, December 05, 2003


Read the do's and dont's section on this site. After you have read it, then make your own mind up as to what stage you are in and then counter attack using the information found in this section.

-- John (, December 08, 2003.

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