Hydraulic lift vs. dumb waiter

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I working with a museum on building a two level store. Current plans call for a dumb waiter between the lower level and the main level, to move merchandise. The merchandise varies from heavy books to fragile decorative objects. I believe the store should have a hydraulic lift versus a dumb waiter which is currently planned. I need ammunition/testimonies to convince the project director of the benefits of having the hydraulic lift versus the dumb waiter. Thanks for your assistance.

-- Stuart Hata (smhata@famsf.org), December 05, 2003


I would opt for Hydraulic or a MRL unit, Dunbwaiters are normally single speed and have a harsh stop which may damage you fragile objects. By getting something bigger and more future proof may prove to be more useful in time. good luck..

-- mole (moleelevators@yahoo.com), December 06, 2003.

Hydraulic v. dumbwaiter.

If it's a museum, you have to ask them what they're actually putting up there, and what they might put up there. As an example, the LA County Museum of Art, in the Anderson Building there is an 18000 pound hydro in it. It has 2-50 horsepower pump units and dual valves. The Jack is 13 or 14 inches in diameter. The cab is so big you could put a truck in it, and take it anywhere in the building. But then again, they have large, as well as heavy displays, so it all works out. But if in all likelihood the largest thing you're transporting is a 500 pound glassware collection from floor to floor, that would be overkill. Remember to ask the important questions: 1. How large (spacewise) is the largest piece you'll need to transport? 2. How heavy (concentrated weight) is the largest piece you'll need to transport. You only get one chance to do it right the first time. Cheers! S.

-- Steve (magnevator@verizon.net), December 06, 2003.

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