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I need instructions on the Briel Lido ES-15 pump driven expresso cappuccino machine.

-- amy opperman (, December 05, 2003


If you find them could you send them to me? I bought one at a garage sale this last summer and it said video enclosed but its gone. I really don't have a clue how to use it, but I like strong coffee and the froth stuff sounds good. Anyway I can't seem to find anything on the internet and if I don't get directions I'm going to get rid of it. Don't need one more thing laying around. Good Luck, Bye Pam

-- Pam Barrie (, January 06, 2004.

Here are instructions from an owner's review at

>>Over my year of using the Lido, I have found that the trick to obtaining the best shots possible is to follow a simple protocol – to the letter. If I just start up the machine and expect the little lights to tell me when to make my next move, the result is anywhere from mediocre to undrinkable.

First, I start with a fine espresso grind, ...>> **he goes on to talk about his Bodum grinder, which you can read at the website, but which is irrelevant to the instructions** [Note: may I suggest not using a blade grinder, but investing in a burr grinder. Solis Maestro is a good entry level burr grinder. Read the reviews at CoffeeGeek] >>Back to the espresso making, next, turn on the machine, wait until the “OK” light comes on. Then, without the filter basket in place, I put a cup under the brewhead and run the pump until the light goes off. Then I install the loaded filter basket and the instant the light comes back on, I make my shot. This consistently makes a good shot with acceptable crema.>>

I hope this helps, and that it's not too late! CoffeeGeek is a great resource for espresso-making, and it has a searchable database.

-- S. Kingstreet (, April 24, 2004.

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