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I have obtained a photo from Bill Folsom of what appears to be an A&EC steam generator car. The car is all-welded construction, loosely resembling a 50 ft. passenger car. It has a high arched roof like what was used on a lot of heavyweight cars, a center doorway that may have at one time contained a baggage door, and four portholes (two on either side of the doorway) spread out along the sides.

The car is in Pullman green paint with gothic gold lettering, having "Southern" in the letterboard and small "A.&E.C." lettering in the upper left hand corner of the letterboard. I can't comment on underbody details since the car is grounded behind what appears to be some sort of shop building.

Any help or information on this car would be greatly appreciated.

-- Jerry M. LaBoda (, December 05, 2003


HI Jerry; Try this web site; A&EC History. It list a lot of info for this road. Car #403 was not listed as per your info, but as a 44 ton switcher, A&EC #7 then SR #403. A&EC's F2's, were renumbered by SR to 400 & 401 but scrapped in 1961. Not much help, but thought I'd share it anyway. RDC

-- Robert D. Cashwell (, January 19, 2005.

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