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My name is Silvia and I have a few issues I would like somebody to give me advice please. My partner was made bankrupt Nov 02.At the time he was living with previous girlfriend who also was responsable for the bookkeeping on his company.On MArch 02 they had a visit from the Vat people and it seems that his ex-partner was not keeping the VAT up to date as it should.When she was asked what was she doing with VAT not included on the first quarter she just said: Nothing,I don't do nothing!!!!!He trusted her in her job but obviously she was not that worry.After that with a figur of 44.000 on VAT my partner was made bankrupt as he was not able to repay that amount.My question is why is she not responsable for part of the debt as she was getting pay to do that job?? Just after the order was made against my partner she moved out living him with all the debt and also she left the property they jointly bought six years ago.After near two years now she want her half on this property even do she never did pay anything towards mortgage at all.So it looks like she is going to get away from her responsabilities as the bookkeeper at the time and also she will get a good amount of cash when she has never done nothing with her life. Sorry if I sound upset but this really is disgusting.

Hopefully somebody will be able to help me out with some legal advice. Thanks

Silvia Ramos Martel

-- Silvia Ramos Martel (, December 04, 2003

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