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I am new to SQL Server 2000, can you suggest the best way to monitor and get notification via email of db growth and free space when a certain threshold has been met. Any setup instructions or scripts would be helpful. Thanks.

-- Anonymous, December 04, 2003



In Enterprise Manager, under Management, SQL Server Agent, Alerts, create a new alert by right clicking and selecting New Alert....

On the General tab:

Set the Type to SQL Server performance condition alert.

Set the object to SQL Server Databases.

Set the Counter to Data File(s) Size (KB).

Set the Instance to the name of one of your databases.

Set the Alert if counter to rises above.

Set the Value to your chosen size threshold in KB.

The Response tab allows you to specify an email recipient. You may have to set up SQL Mail.

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, December 06, 2003

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