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hi, can anyone help me?

about 6 years ago my husband walked out on his flat-owing about 24,000. Last year we had letter asking him to pay a settlement which we did not have. This year had several letters from different agencies(employed by the HALIFAX) asking for money. We are due to move in 2 weeks time(selling present house), today man from halifax came round looking for my husband! I also found a letter sent 3 months ago, stating there would be a charge put on our house-HOW DO I KNOW IF THIS HAS BEEN DONE?, WILL THEY TAKE AWAY OUR EQUITY? Should I call the halifax and offer some sort of final settlement before i go? I am worried they will take all of our money when our completion day is here, please help and advise, jan

-- jan (janlewcad@lineone.net), December 04, 2003

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