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Hi My name is Clifford Proctor and I am a survivor of a scam artist.WE need to proctect ourselves because I work hard for my money and I am not about to give up cash for nothing but I still want to buy parts from this community. So with that said, this is what I propose. We should do a vote of a person who has taken the time to set up the site or who has been involve in this site from the get go and what happenis when someone buy a part, the money is sent to the moderator and so is the part.Only when the moderator receives the parts and the money, both will be mailed off to the prospective buyers.The downside to this is the seller will have to pay two shipping cost that could be agreed by the seller and the buyer but at least we konw that the parts and cash will be exchanged in a timely mannerbecause I am tried of signing on and hearing this bullshit.This site was intended to bring mv people together not draw us apart. Cliff Proctor

-- Clifford Proctor (, December 04, 2003


There are plenty of iEscrow services that do just that and probably in an easier, more professional manner. I'm sure the list owner doesn't have time to handle all of the list transactions. Just a thought.

What were the particular details of your loss?

-- Michel Fortier (, December 04, 2003.

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