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read the previous story of Alex Marzano and you know my story - only with an other group of persons: Nicoli de Santos and Justin Leqay, alias agustatrader, San Juan, Trinidad (complete address is well known). They offered some MV parts on eBay and on this forum.

They outed my name as a reference in eBay!!!

Two deals (a set of wheels and an axle for the front wheel) worked well. I transfered money by wire and after a while Ive got the parts.

After that I bought (I thought so) a package of front forks and a "mint complete motor including electronics ". I transfered 2.700 USD. Many emails crossed the sea. Yesterday (after 6 weeks of silence)I received a box containing the forks (without bridges) but no motor!

Im now in contact with two other guys in USA who bought the same parts and are still waiting for it. They payed a lot of money, too.

Now Im looking for further people who was swindled in the same way to come over to Trinidad.

Sorry, but I trusted a little bit naively in MV community. But now Im very angry and Im really intended to eliminate such individuals from our worldwide MV group. My company has some branch offices in US and we could start some nice actions from there.

-- Bernd Froehlich (, December 04, 2003


Maybe we should put a 'Swindler's List' (he he he) Sorry, it was too easy.

But seriously, I do not want to be a victim as well. And from the reports, it seemed that they (the malahentes) would 'lure' you by getting what you want initially, then when your order gets expensive- problems arise. I guess they get the money on the comeback.

Note to self, avoid these people: Victor Lee, aka AgustaSpinner Nicoli De Santos, Justin Lequay aka Agustatrader

Thanks for the warning. jon-jon

-- jon-jon (, December 04, 2003.

the 'Swindler' list sounds good to me. #1 AGUSTATRADER

-- hubi (, December 04, 2003.

Good evening to you, i'm sorry to hear of your situation. but as it is i've been here in Trinidad in an attept to find these crooks and am coming up empty. I must move on to my next destination but will be returning in a few weeks if I can get more info. Perhaps we can help each other with some information. I await your reply.

-- Felix Roach (, December 11, 2003.

Justin Lequay 1 868 773 6419

30 Mt. Hope Road San Juan Trinidad, W.I.

-- ytak (, December 16, 2003.

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