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Knowing what a small community the MV world is and that we all share a common passion, I'm sorry to describe someone who may be preying on us.

I met Victor Lee on the Yahoo board. In fairness I should state that in the past he has sold me some MV CF parts that were on ebay, and the transaction went well - albeit he was slow to ship the parts to me (~4 weeks).

Over Three Months ago, I wire transferred $1650 to his bank account, I am still waiting for the shipment of MV parts. Victor has repeatedly promised that: - "parts are on the way" - "parts will be there Monday" - "Shipper needs your phone number to schedule deliver" - "please contact shipper BERKINS" - "please contact the shipper Bekins (he supplied various incorrect numbers) - "shipper has lost your parts" - "I have sent your check" - "I will send parts via UPS and sending you tracking numbers on Saturday (of course, no tracking numbers)"..

These messages are followed by weeks of silence and no follow thru.

Communication of late has been vague and sporadic. Messages via both voice and email go unanswered. I certainly understand issues come up and problems arise. Hell - I have an MV.. I know what it means to wait for parts! What I can not tolerate is the lack of TRUTHFUL communication and follow thru. If you miss a commitment - you need to let the buyer know. Not have the buyer track you down and make another missed commitment. He claims that these items are in his possession, and not that they are being ordered, built, etc. The issue should only be shipping them from one part of the country to another.

Again, knowing what a small community the MV world is and that we all share a common passion, I have tried to give Victor EVERY opportunity to PRIVATELY resolve the issue and to explain what the problem is. He has chosen not too. All I expect would be the return of my money OR the parts. Pretty straight forward...

I am putting this out as a warning to others.. Victor claims to offer some great prices - BUT if you don't actually get the parts... I know of at least one other member that is having a similar issue and has posted this to the Greenspun list.

Victor has used the following emails: Victor Lee , "Lee, Victor (V.)" , agusta_spinner@hotmail.com. His phone numbers are 630.400.6360 or 248.767.8496. He is located in Livonia, Michigan. I can supply his street address if you email me.

I am pursuing this via legal means at this point.

Regards, Alex Marzano 2002 F4s

-- Alex Marzano (almarzan@cisco.com), December 03, 2003


Alex, I know how you feel and I am sorry that this happen to you as well as it did to me.I will try to help you as much as I can. As you know from talking to me I am a pilot but what you did not know was, I also do Military reserve flying. In my unit I have consulted a buch of guys who are federal lawenforcement agents.I did mention to one friend of mine and they will check the data base because this guy is a thief and lies.I like to be straight foward and like people to know where I am coming from so I did call victor lee and told him what my intentions were and that I had given his name to The FBI. So with that said we can wait and see whats going on. This guy is the biggest crook I have ever seen. YOU get your money just wait and see. Clifford Proctor

-- Clifford Proctor (Navflyn@aol.com), December 04, 2003.

Man, FBI they dont care about 2-3 Thousand Dollars your lose it happen to me got riped off $3500 I call the FBI they told me that is a $3500 mistake. Good luck!

-- Joe (twostrokegp@hotmail.com), December 06, 2003.

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