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I just borrowed "The Backyard Berry Book" by Stella Otto, from our local library. It is nice to find so much helpful information all in one book. We have not yet planted any berries since moving to Ohio (the property came with some peach, apricot and pear trees though :->), and now I know which berries NOT to try and grow here - saved me a lot of time digging around for the info. elsewhere.

-- Terry - NW Ohio (, December 02, 2003


Berries are next on my TO PLANT list! I envision loads of them in my freezer!

Little Bit Farm

-- Little Bit Farm (, December 26, 2003.

I bet that is an excellent berry book. I am going to try and find it at the library. I have Stella Otto's orchard book and it is excellent. I know that I should give up trying to grow blueberries; the soil is just not even close to being acid enough. But they are my favorite, and I have to drive clear to Michigan if I want to pick fresh berries. I saw a variety in a couple of catalogs that can be grown in containers, and I might try this idea. I could control the pH of the soil that way.

-- vicki (, December 27, 2003.

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