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I am looking for a resistance seam weld machine builder. Specially I would like a tube mill setup. Take material off a roll and form into a tube, overlap seam weld, and then cut the tube to length. Suggestions of good machine builders that have done this type of work before would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

-- Travis Schifferns (, December 02, 2003


The folks who run this board would be a great place to start, T.J. Snow Company, Chattanooga, TN (423) 894-6234.

-- Kurt Tolliver (, December 03, 2003.

Please have a look to our web site: Up to a certain extent (thickness,diameter and length) we manufacture automatic/semiautomatic lines. Cut-to-length is made just before the roll bending section. We use the technology of the copper wire for galvanized materials. Angelo Alpago Cemsa spa ph. +39 022531744 fax +39 022533307

-- Angelo Alpago (, February 12, 2004.

i want welding end of bumper with seam weiding process. please send more infomation . thanks saeed

-- saeed shams (, February 21, 2004.

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