where is Boris, grave?

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Hello there! does abybody know where is Boris Vian grave? I would love to visit it. Thank you so much, I would truly appreciate any help. P.S: I have already tried sending an e-mail to his native city town hall, but ( believe or not) they do not know who he is, they do not even know he,s one of the greatest and most inventive writers ever.

-- Augus (vamosaverunacosa@yahoo.es), December 02, 2003


Le musicien-poète-romancier-auteur de polars-traducteur-scénariste- auteur de comédies musicales repose dans le cimetière de Ville- d'Avray, avenue Thierry, non loin de Jean Rostand. Sa dalle, dans l'ancien cimetière, est vierge d'inscriptions

there ya go. - in Ville d'Avray

-- Yaron (professor.noray@noos.fr), January 03, 2004.

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